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Dental evidence can be used to determine the gender, sometimes the ethnicity, and age of the body. This information can help the police identify the body sometimes by eliminating a number of possibilities

The Testimony Of Teeth: The Forensic Dentist

Forensic dentistry is the proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence. From an examination of the teeth, the age of a child may be found, and the identity of the person to whom the teeth belong. Dental records and post mortem photographs taken by the forensic dentist are used to determine the identity. The other type of evidence that is used are bite marks that are found on the victim by the attacker, the perpetrator from the victim of the attack or on an object found at the crime scene.

Teeth are very reliable tools for identification because teeth are so resilient. The enamel of the tooth is the hardest substance in the body making it able to withstand, water, fire, and outdoor elements.

The forensic dentist in Lakewood Ca help with the identification of found human remains, the identification of individuals in mass fatalities, the assessment of bite mark injuries, the assessment of cases of abuse of a spouse, child or elder, civil cases involving malpractice, where the forensic dentist explains how a dentist’s actions were harmful to the plaintiff, and age estimation.The age of someone can be narrowed by evaluating the patterns of tooth eruption, and tooth wear. It has also been found that cementum, the mineralized tissue that lines the surface of tooth roots, exhibits annual patterns of deposition.

Sometimes a body may be so badly burnt, decayed or destroyed, that the only clearly identifiable part left are the teeth. The more common means of identification through study of the fingerprints or face are then not possible. The teeth can be matched to dental records and can help in the person being identified. This procedure is called comparative identification and involves the matching of the dental records with photographs of the mouth of the deceased person. Forensic dentists in Lakewood Ca base their identification decisions on teeth size, rotations, spacing between teeth and sinus patterns. Information about the circumstances of the death or the body gives clues as to the identification of the person, and this can then be verified by the use of the dental records.

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A lot of information can be extracted from the teeth alone: age can be determined, especially in the case of children, when the teeth aren’t fully developed, sometimes the sex, as well as signs of violence. This is pretty standard, as you can find in any manual. Things get really interesting when it comes to bitemarks though.

Technically speaking, every man has a unique, distinct bite pattern, kind of like fingerprints. So if I bite something, and somewhere there is a dental record of mine, then I can be clearly and positively identified by that alone. Convictions have been obtained using bitemarks as the major evidence.

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However, in practice, this method is not unfailable; there have actually been several cases where forensic dentist in Lakewood Ca has led to wrongful convictions. This is why a DNA sampling is always recommended to complement the bitemark analysis.

Where the dental records are not available, and there is no clue as to the identity of the deceased, an after death record (post mortem) of the teeth is completed. This gives an idea of some of the characteristics of the dead person to help narrow down the search for the identity of that person.